The Dual Boot Decision


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Why One Copy of one Version of Windows is not enough...

If you want top performance from your PC then one old clogged up overloaded Windows system is not going to give you it, however good your hardware may be.

If you wish to try out more than 20 new applications on your PC then one Windows is not enough.

If you spend a lot of the day in one major application then ideally that application should have its own Windows system.

Why surf the net with your mission critical system? Surf the net with another system and put the antivirus, anti popup, anti spyware, anti adware, anti malware, anti zombieware and firewall programs in that system rather than overloading your mission critical copy of Windows with all that firepower.

Windows 7 8 and 8.1 are all slower than XP unless you can take advantage of the 64 Bit DDR address space by having more than 4GB of system RAM and using it say as a Photoshop scratch disk. This is because the code size of the latest Windows systems is 10x larger than that of XP and they have almost 10x as many files as XP. These newer Operating Systems are essentially XP plus. In other words if XP is a plate of Spaghetti, then Win7/8/8.1 is an Italian restaurant.

Nonetheless, newer versions of Windows have better drivers and some very useful new features. So ideally one would like to have both XP and Win7 or both Win7 and Win8.1 or indeed all 3 of them in the same PC. Furthermore Windows slowly fills up with garbage over time and eventually becomes so slow it can be almost unworkable. When that day arrives most people throw away their PC and buy a new one. This is especially the case if you were not given a full Windows installation disk by your PC manufacturer - most manufacturers do not give these out.

However, if you install HyperOs before that day arrives, then you can just swap into one of your many Windows systems and work from that one instead. HyperOs gives you multiple copies of each operating system and multiple operating systems. HyperOs does not dual boot Windows - You do not need to install Windows twice. It clones your existing system and then using your existing boot drive, it redirects the boot to your chosen Windows clone (or other Operating System). It turns your PC from a one man band into a symphony orchestra.

Why Dual Booting is now obsolete...

The best way to manage several copies of Windows on one PC is HyperOs 2014 Geek or SuperGeek. This software makes is childishly simple to clone your original Windows system and then to run that system and its clones one after the other. Here is a comparison between the new capabilities of this revolutionary software, and the traditional limitations of good old multi booting...

Traditional Multi booting with XP Boot.ini or Win7/Win8/Win8.1 BCD
You must individually install each Copy of each Operating System copy that you wish to run.
You can only swap between Operating Systems using a DOS Boot interrupt Menu
You can see one Operating System from another
Each operating system must be in its own partition, so you do have to repartition your Hard Disk and can only have 24 partitions. You are limited by the Alphabet.
You can back up each Operating System. But you can only restore it to the partition it came from.

HyperOs 2014 Geek and SuperGeek Multi booting
You can clone your one original Operating System as many time as you like.
You can swap between Operating Systems using the My Other Computers GUI in Windows. You do not have to wait around for the DOS Boot interrupt menu to appear!
You can see one Operating System from another.
You can have as many operating systems as you like in as many partitions as you can make with SuperGeek. You are limited to 10 systems on the boot partition and 10 other systems on 10 other partitions with Geek. So you do not have to repartition your Hard Disk if you don't want to.
You can back up each Operating System. And you can restore any backup to any Operating System folder.

Put your applications in a 2, 4, 10 or 100 bedroomed mansion, rather than squeezing them all into a studio flat.
Try HyperOs 2014 Geek or SuperGeek now. It will change your relationship with Windows from fear of disaster to safety in numbers. Who cares if one Windows crashes? There will be plenty more where that came from!

HyperOs 2014 Geek

HyperOs 2014 SuperGeek

Installation Guide

  1. Download the program.
  2. Double click the program icon and follow the simple installation instructions.
  3. Once it is installed a 'My Other Computers' icon that will appear on your desktop.
  4. Double click that icon and the My Other Computers window will open.
  5. You will see your original system icon and you will see a spare computer icon in that window.
  6. Drag your original system icon onto the spare computer icon. This will make your first clone. It will take a few minutes to copy all of Windows.
  7. The spare computer icon will now change into a second windows system icon. Double click that icon and your PC will reboot into your new Windows system.

That is it! Enjoy!

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